• Bus waqt guzarte hue

    My poetries are random. I never plan writing it, nor do i have topics chosen before-hand. It’s just those moments and random things that I see, hear or feel during the journey of life that touches those chords in my heart and creates some beautiful poetries. I was at Rhyde in Isle of Wight on […] Continue reading

  • Switzerland & Italy

    You wake up, you login to your laptop- attend the daily meetings, make Tea, have lunch, watch youtube, have dinner and sleep. A daily routine- that seems normal and that is what everyone does. Weekdays are for work, Weekends are for house cleaning and getting things ready for the next week. Life goes on and […] Continue reading

  • Speechless

    Speechless – but still hanging around. Its very rare that I have nothing to say – when your mind goes completely blank and there is absolutely nothing you want to write yet I scribble things here because I realise I haven’t been here for a while 🙂 and pouring your heart out is needed to […] Continue reading

  • Thoda Thak Gaya Hoon

    Off late, there has been a very strange feeling of realising your life’s goals and its intended destination. You stay away from the huzz and buzz of life and the one-way traffic that the society has to offer you. Staying away from all the news and current affairs, or rather acting as if you don’t […] Continue reading

  • Aaj Bhi Hai

    Rang badalti hai zindagi, Har pal ek sa toh nahi hota… Kuch din aise bhi beete hai, jab dard ka ehsaas hi nahi hota… Yoon hi nahi hota rang gehra, Kuch kasoor waqt ka bhi hai… Dard toh rehta hai seene mein, Chehron par muskaan aaj bhi hai… Lekin Chehron ki Khushiya kya batayegi, Is […] Continue reading

  • A New Beginning

    I haven’t been regular at my blogs lately — In fact, regular is an overstatement – Its been many many years I haven’t written much. But I guess it’s never too late to start again. Isn’t it? My recent trip to India made me realise a lot of things. Life is too short, you need […] Continue reading

  • Its Time Again

    Hello world. I just returned back to #London after a wonderful week back home in India. Every time you travel back home — you question yourself why do you have to go back? Life is really strange. I so wished we were not torn by our “practical” and “emotional” sides so much. A part of […] Continue reading

  • Ek din Bik Jayega

    11th October — Its been 6 years since I have lost myself… my dad. my friend. my institution. Life has been good to me. I moved to London in 2010 – completing one of his biggest dreams of travelling to London some day, which he never did. But every single day, every single moment I […] Continue reading

  • Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu

    Back in the days where Tom and Jerry and Flinstones were considered as epic cartoons – I remember we used to wait for days to get our hands on the new editons of Indian Cartoon Magazines – Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha, Chandamama, etc. And one of the best superhero’s we used to adore was Chacha […] Continue reading

  • My Dear Father

    11th October 2011 – I remember the day clearly when I spoke to my dad for a few hours while on my way to office. It was a usual day, but never thought the day would leave its mark in history as the darkest day of my life. I have been in London since 5 […] Continue reading