Thoda Thak Gaya Hoon

Off late, there has been a very strange feeling of realising your life’s goals and its intended destination. You stay away from the huzz and buzz of life and the one-way traffic that the society has to offer you. Staying away from all the news and current affairs, or rather acting as if you don’t follow it at all has helped me being calm and focus on what is more important in life.

I came across this poem today and while I do not know who wrote it – it gives a candid resemble to what I feel at this very moment.

I hope you like it, as much as I did.

Thoda thak gaya hoon, door nikalna chor diya hai
par aisa nahi ke chalna chor diya hai

Fasle aksar rishton mein doori badha dete hai
par aisa nahi ke maine apno se milna chor diya hai

Haan zara akela hoon duniya ke bheed mein
par aisa nahi ke maine apnapan chor diya hai

Yaad karta hoon apno ki.. Parwah bhi hai mann mein
bus kitna karta hoon… yeh batana chor diya hai

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