Bus waqt guzarte hue

My poetries are random. I never plan writing it, nor do i have topics chosen before-hand. It’s just those moments and random things that I see, hear or feel during the journey of life that touches those chords in my heart and creates some beautiful poetries.

I was at Rhyde in Isle of Wight on 22nd April this year just walking down the road to catch a bus for our next destination – The Needles. When I saw this old man, well dressed in blazers with a hat on and just looking at the life passing by, smiling at people passing by and well just sitting on a bench.

Everyone will retire someday, everyone of us will come to this stage where there is absolutely nothing to do and you will live every moment enjoying the rest of your life peacefully without worrying about the daily chores, bills, work, travelling, stress etc.

Everyone will get to this stage where you have this leisure time of sitting and just looking at the crowd passing by, or just sitting for hours near the sea shore and feeling the breeze pass by. You can do that now, but not with the state of mind that you do when there is nothing to worry about.

Looking at that guy. felt like just writing a poem while in the bus and this time just wrote one in hindi.

and here it goes:

Bus waqt guzarte hue

Baitha hoon ek mod par, dekhta hoon waqt guzarte hue..
kuch bure, kuch acche, kuch has hasa kar pagal karte hue..

koshish jitni bhi kar lu, ke sab pyaare pal hi mile..
par yeh duniya hai mere dost, kya pata aaj kahaan kaun mile..

Jo dil ko chue apni baaton se.. ya darr jaaye apni aankhon se..
ya ro dein.. ya hamein rula dein.. ya bus apni baaton se sula dein..

baitha hoon.. ek mod par.. bus waqt guzarte hue..

More later.

Love, Mayur

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