Its Time Again

Hello world.
I just returned back to #London after a wonderful week back home in India. Every time you travel back home — you question yourself why do you have to go back? Life is really strange. I so wished we were not torn by our “practical” and “emotional” sides so much. A part of me wants to stay back in India forever and the other one pulls me back to London. You are torn apart from your family and closed ones – living far away from their sights and still crave for their presence every moment.

I remember i wrote this same time last year when I dropped my brother and his family who was travelling back to Glasgow from London. I felt that emptiness in me when I was returning home. Why? I still keep questioning myself.

So when I have just returned back to London, I guess it’s still “That time again” …

Its that time again
To return to empty home
When festivals come to an end
And family returns back home

Its that time again
When you wish we lived together
And we did not have to wait..
For another reason to gather..

Its that time again
To ask why are we all so apart
And you feel so low…
You feel the pain in your heart

We’ve grown up together..
And i’m so used to have you around
And now the house is empty
We are so used to hearĀ Aarvis sound

But then have our priorities
And our paths have to lead away
But i hope the reasons come soon
For everyone to get together and stay.

Love Always, Mayur

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