Switzerland & Italy

You wake up, you login to your laptop- attend the daily meetings, make Tea, have lunch, watch youtube, have dinner and sleep.

A daily routine- that seems normal and that is what everyone does. Weekdays are for work, Weekends are for house cleaning and getting things ready for the next week. Life goes on and you don’t realise how soon the 2020 ends, 2021 ends, 2022 ends … life ends.

We often live in this lifecycle and don’t think much beyond that. It is not that I am different, I am still very much part of this circus and keep working and remain a part of the human race that believes the sole purpose of we being here is to earn money, keep working and hope that we will be able to stay alive until we retire when we will calculate all the savings we have from our earnings, a house to live for and then spend our days waiting for the natural way to leave this body or what God has in store for us.

But then, is it fair? Is this what we are here for? Do we really really deserve this? I keep thinking back of the reasons why I kept holding my mum back to visit Switzerland, Kashmir, USA to meet her relatives or simple things like an Arijit Singh Live Concert which she really really loved and wanted to attend. Reason: Oh Mum, we have time- You’re not going anywhere.

Switzerland and Italy is where we went last week. And it was a truly much needed break from the daily cycle. So much that I really felt travelling once again this week just to meet my extended family who are there touring the beautiful place. Life is short, which we all have realised and I feel it is necessary to avoid thinking much about how much it costs or how crazy you are comments.

If you feel like doing it, just do it.

Because there is no tomorrow- we all have realised that the hard way.

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