A New Beginning

I haven’t been regular at my blogs lately — In fact, regular is an overstatement – Its been many many years I haven’t written much. But I guess it’s never too late to start again. Isn’t it? My recent trip to India made me realise a lot of things. Life is too short, you need to make the most out of every little moment you are here.

I truly believe that if you are happy, if you are content within your inner-self, you can bring out the best in the people around you. Smile is contagious and so are tears… even a tiniest tear can bring sadness to your loved ones – so it is very important to stay happy and share that happiness with everyone around. Life is short – You can never predict whats going to happen the next moment. You will never come out of it alive so why waste your time fearing and living in darkness. Spread your wings and fly. Make yourself free and enjoy each day as there is no tomorrow.

I am not sure if I can continue this feeling forever – but I can try, all we need a step forward towards staying positive and life will be beautiful.

Life is beautiful. And if you think it is not — step out and make it one.

Love Always.


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